Geomeasure Group (Pty) Ltd
a LevelĀ 3 BBBEE Service Provider

watersplash-whiteThe Geomeasure Group (Pty) Ltd was founded on 1 July 2002 with the aim of creating a company with a multidisciplinary team of specialist professionals, with the preservation of the environment combined with the development and maintenance of water resources as the key focus areas of the group.

Geomeasure Group (Pty) Ltd has undergone a series of changes since it was first conceived and the management of the company are proud to confirm that Geomeasure Group (Pty) Ltd is now: 50% managed by historically disadvantaged individuals, 34% owned by historically disadvantaged individuals as well as being 19% owned by females, all of whom are full time employees of the Geomeasure Group (Pty) Ltd.

We are confident that the combined skills and collective relevant experience of our team of professionals has enhanced our capability significantly and the Geomeasure Group (Pty) Ltd now offers a wide range of geohydrological, project management and environmental services and solutions to our wide client base, which include:

  • Regional, Provincial and Local Government Agencies.
  • Mining Houses
  • Water Boards
  • Manufacturing and Petro-chemical Industry
  • Developers
  • Insurance and Finance Institutions
  • Waste Contractors
  • Rural Communities
  • Private Landowners

Mission Statement and Values

To assist our clients in:

  • Implementing responsible and affordable environmental management practices;
  • The sustainable development, management and remediation of the surface and groundwater resources of the Southern African Region;
  • Providing appropriate risk based environmental management solutions for all types of operations and facilities.